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50% tax deduction

Elettricoop provides installation services which fall within the applicable tax deductions (50% of the total invoice amount), both for refurbishment of existing systems and set-up of new solutions.


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About Us

Elettricoop is a leading Italian company specialising in the installation of wiring, automation systems, air-conditioning systems, anti-theft and video surveillance systems, TV and SAT systems, LAN and Wi-Fi networks. Our technical know-how and solid market presence have helped us achieve the highest quality standards, and become the partner of choice for installations in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.
At Elettricoop, we take pride in wrapping up our superior expertise in attractive offers, to provide our customers with a price effective yet high level service.
Moreover, we are always willing to go the extra mile to provide you with customised solutions to suit your needs – whatever they might be,
Also, we build on a strong business-oriented mindset, as well as on our dynamic and expert team, who will provide you with a fast and effective service.

Our strengths:
• Expertise, professionalism, and attention to details;
• Reliable customer support service;
• Highly trained and specialised technical staff, authorised to issue certifications for all interventions;
• Tangible guarantees, to provide our customers with extra protection.

Our research activities:
We keep a close eye on the latest findings in the installations industry, to constantly gain new knowledge and enhance our skills.
Elettricoop provides customers with cutting-edge solutions for innovative applications, such as remote controlling solutions for automation systems, alarms and video controlling systems via computers, smartphones and tablets.
In such a scenario, controls are remotely transmitted via video, audio, and wireless networks as well as via internet and mobile networks.
Thanks to our strong expertise in electrical systems for residential and industrial use, Elettricoop have also become experts in home automation systems set-up.

Our certified quality:
At Elettricoop, we provide quick, safe and reliable services to suit a wide range of needs.
We apply strict criteria in the selection of materials, and work with the best professionals to ensure top quality results.

Our services:
All of our services are designed to support customers from start to finish, and beyond.
To do so, we provide qualified technical support to help customers from the system planning phase through the choice of residential and industrial security products, and up to post-installation support.
This is the best way to adapt our processes to your individual needs.

Professional development:
Our staff engage in regular training activities, to enhance their skills and overcome even the toughest challenges. Such training activities mainly focus on the following topics:
• Wiring
• Alarm systems
• Video surveillance systems
• Automation systems
• Air-conditioning systems
• LAN and Wi-Fi networks
• Intercom systems
• TV and SAT systems
And all of that backed up by certificates of training, as required by law.

The right choice:
All in all, Elettricoop is a partner you can rely on. Our core values, service-oriented mindset and courtesy inform all of our activities.
To us, your satisfaction is just as important as your trust!
ELETTRICOOP: top professionals at small prices!