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50% tax deduction

Elettricoop provides installation services which fall within the applicable tax deductions (50% of the total invoice amount), both for refurbishment of existing systems and set-up of new solutions.


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Wiring set-up services

Elettricoop provides effective wiring set-up services for residential as well as commercial and industrial use. All operations are carried out as per the relevant regulations. All systems installed by Elettricoop are set-up according to the durability and reliability parameters set by by CEI (Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano) and UNEL (Ente Unificazione Dimensionale Elettrica).

We also provide maintenance and service on existing systems.

System sizing
There are many guidelines to be followed when developing an electrical system. Sectional sizing is amongst them, and underestimating it can cause malfunctioning as well as many anomalies, such as excessive power absorption (in oversized systems) leading to extra power provision costs, or power shortages (in undersized systems) which have a negative impact on usability for the end customer. Moreover, power shortages pose serious challenges to the safety of the system. The excessive power overload sustained by the system over time can cause short circuits which might ultimately lead to conflagrations (especially where thermal magnetic circuit breakers are not equipped).

This is why we pay the utmost attention to all phases of the wiring set-up project; and this is how we ensure ad hoc suitability of the system for the individual building.

At Elettricoop, we take pride in providing our customers with the highest safety standards as set by the applicable regulations. To do so, all of our systems are equipped with an automatic master control switch featuring additional emergency functions (differential). Also, lighting points and inlet sockets are powered separately. The system includes a C16A thermal magnetic disconnector for the driving force, and a C10A thermal magnetic disconnector for the lighting system.

Wiring components for residential applications
In residential settings, the basic power control panel structure must include:

  • Differential circuit breaker switch (a device which can detect power supply fluctuations, and instantly interrupt the power distribution to users if needed)
  • C16A thermal magnetic switch (to isolate the F.M line)
  • C10A thermal magnetic switch (to isolate the lighting system, or 6 A inlet sockets)
  • Bronze bell (sound emission device which is activated when pulling the emergency tie rods; such devices are usually placed next to shower stalls, bath tubs, or wherever they might be useful)

Wiring components for industrial applications
Switchboards for industrial applications are grouped under several subcategories, including:

  • power switchboards (controlling the primary power provision of the building)
  • distribution switchboards (which control the power distribution across the individual elements, which can be located inside or outside the building);
  • distribution cabinets (shielded and isolated premises hosting high voltage disconnectors);
  • power lines.

Secure and reliable customer support
Elettricoop’s service doesn’t end with the installation of a new system. You are always welcome to contact us for maintenance and service.

Elettricoop also provides a free and non-obligation on-site assessment of your existing wiring infrastructure, to provide expert advice on the solution that would better suit your needs.

We commit to your satisfaction
For further information, or to request a free quotation/evaluation, please see our Contacts page. Thank you.