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50% tax deduction

Elettricoop provides installation services which fall within the applicable tax deductions (50% of the total invoice amount), both for refurbishment of existing systems and set-up of new solutions.


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Video surveillance systems set-up

Safety is a must, as it has always been. Over time, technological developments have made it possible for manufacturers to fulfil such needs with more and more effective video surveillance systems.

Passive video surveillance can be compared to a 24/7 guardian service, which watches over the safety of places, people, and things whilst keeping track of all events.

At Elettricoop we provide tailored video surveillance solutions for business as well as private users, and we offer a wide range of camcorders with differing technical and aesthetic features which will suit your individual application needs.

High fidelity video surveillance
Main passive protection devices include:

• High-resolution digital video recorders (DVRs) that can store months of video footage thanks to cutting-edge software solutions featuring a smart motion detection function which automatically activates and deactivates the recording based on the level of activity in the covered area. This function works based on highly sensitive sensors which constantly monitor the energy absorption of each camcorder. In a static framing setting, the energy absorption of the camcorder will be lower than in a dynamic framing setting; the DVR can monitor such parameters, and “decide” whether to record or not.
Another important function managed by the DVR is multi-zone control. Each DVR model is equipped with a different number of input slots; this means that the control monitor will show a grid including a certain number of camcorder viewing panes (one for each).
The DVR system can also be connected to an internet router via Ethernet cables and configured to create a video control system that can be monitored and operated from anywhere, at any time, via a smartphone or a computer.

• HD – DAY NIGHT camcorder featuring 36 IR spots and variable optic. These camcorders are amongst the best solutions available on the market, and offer superior performances in terms of
image fidelity and sharpness; also, their bifocal lenses and the 36 lighting spots guarantee high quality recording during night time hours.
The device is nested in an elegant satin-finished aluminium shell (available in different colours) equipped with articulated mounting brackets.

Elettricoop is a reliable provider of video surveillance solutions for all settings where video controlling is an effective tool against theft, vandalism, and abuses in general; in fact, footage from video surveillance systems is considered as valid evidence by police forces and insurance companies alike.

Also, we take pride in supporting our customers with service and maintenance throughout the whole life of the system.

Elettricoop also provides a free and non-obligation on-site assessment of your existing infrastructure, to provide expert advice on the video surveillance system that would better suit your needs.

We commit to your satisfaction
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