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50% tax deduction

Elettricoop provides installation services which fall within the applicable tax deductions (50% of the total invoice amount), both for refurbishment of existing systems and set-up of new solutions.


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Anti-theft systems set-up

At Elettricoop, we provide customers with state-of-the-art anti-theft and security systems to fulfil your needs for protection and peace of mind – a must-have to enjoy a better quality of life.

With an effective and proven anti-theft system, you can leave your home or shop unguarded with extra peace of mind, as the system will keep it safe while you’re out.

At Elettricoop, we set-up wireless anti-theft systems for both indoor and outdoor uses. Devices used in indoor settings are configured and calibrated to instantly detect potential dangers while avoiding frequent and disruptive false alarms.

• A standard anti-theft kit includes an expandable 32-zone  voice-controlled control panel with simplified commands, backlit alphanumeric keyboard, high contrast LCD display, vertical led indicators, double telephone dialler (PSTN/GSM), an integrated 110 db siren, and an additional receiving antenna.

• Double telephone dialler: in case of alarm signal activation, this device sends an alarm notification to up to 6 pre-programmed numbers via voice calls and SMS. As mentioned above, the control panel is equipped with a telephone dialler operating over cable connection (PSTN) and a GSM-operated dialler. The GSM dialler serves as an extra safety measure and ensures the transmission of the alarm signal even in case of interruption of the cable connection. It also enables full remote control of the system via mobile: to manage the anti-theft system remotely, simply dial your landline phone number, or the number associated with the SIM card connected to the control panel. This will activate the IVR, thus making it possible to enter any command remotely.

• magnetic perimeter sensors: these devices are applied on doors and windows to detect early attempts of breach. Available in black or brown (to fit any room style), perimeter sensors are small and lightweight, and are also compatible with lift-up doors and windows.

• double detection volumetric sensors: infra-red sensors which are applied on walls to cover the inner area of a room. To be effective, these should be positioned carefully to maximise the coverage. These sensors constitute a permanent detection scheme, which operates based on infra-red rays which are sensitive to body heat. The result can be described as a three-dimensional system of invisible walls, which can detect the movement of objects and people within the room and spot variations in the “quiet state” via DRO microwaves.

• High emission anti-theft and anti-foam siren for outdoor usage:  the device warn the public of the undergoing breach attempt, and also disturbs thieves. The siren is set to comply with the applicable regulations on noise pollution.

• Long-distance radio transmitter with extended functions. In addition to the increased convenience of use of the system, the remote control has 4 important functions. If a breach attempt is detected when the anti-theft system is off, the panic function sends a silent alarm signal to the telephone dialler, which forwards the alarm call to up to 6 pre-programmed numbers. If the first call remains unanswered, the emergency system loops in and repeats the selection.
The brushed aluminium remote control also features three buttons for total and partial activation as well as for the de-activation of the system.

• Dedicated smartphone app: an extra comfort for users with Apple or Android software based devices. The app allows users to remotely send real time commands to their anti-theft system without having to dial in numbers or send a SMS. This app is also a convenient monitoring tool for users who want to check on their system from any location and at any time.

Elettricoop also provides a free and non-obligation on-site assessment of your existing infrastructure, to provide expert advice on the anti-theft system that would better suit your needs.

We commit to your satisfaction
For further information, or to request a free quotation/evaluation, please see our Contacts page. Thank you.

Components specification

Centrale di allarme senza fili ELEDEF ST-V

Centrale di allarme senza fili ELEDEF ST-6

Sensori per porte e finestre senza fili ELEDEF

Radar ad infrarossi senza fili Pet immune per mod. ELEDEF

Radar effetto tenda senza fili Pet immune mod. ELEDEF

Radar doppia tecnologia da esterno senza fili Pet immune ELEDEF

Telecomando antifurto con varie funzioni per centrale ELEDEF

Telecomando antifurto con varie funzioni per centrale ELEDEF


Sirena autoalimentata per esterno senza fili ELEDEF

Centrale antifurto senza fili bidirezionale PARADOX

sensore senza fili per porte e finestre per mod. PARADOX

Radar ad infrarossi senza fili a doppia tecnologia PARADOX

Radar da esterno senza fili Pet immune per mod. PARADOX

Sensore senza fili per tapparelle per mod. PARADOX

Telecomando bidirezionale con tasti illuminati, per mod. PARADOX.

Telecomando minitastiera bidirezionale per mod. PARADOX.

Sensore senza fili per
comandi ausigliari
per modello

Radar ad infrarossi passivi senza fili, Pet immune per esterno, per mod. PARADOX

Sirena senza fili completamente autoalimentata per mod. PARADOX